why do people feel the need to be overzealous social rights activists and go out of their way to call out others on a blogging site?? if you’re so interested in making a difference go hand out some flyers at your local walmart 



Please make themes i would cry

i would also cry

what are some songs you like? like any suggestions of good music? besides like 1d and stuff more like onerepublic and coldplay ~**~*~**~*~ indie-ish


only love by anthony green, take me home tonight (cover) by jamestown story, just friends by jason reeves, after tonight by justin nozuka, sad sad city by ghostland observatory, an honest mistake by the bravery, for the windows in paradise by sujfan stevens, spotlight by muse, full moon by the black ghosts..or like the poplar ones on here like bastille, the 1975 and arctic monkeys i guess

thats indie ish i guess. more like acoustic ish but 

i want my hair blonde so baaaaaaaaaad

should i just make like a 9 gifset of legally blonde w all the quotes