harry looks so fruity on that motorcycle lmao

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Anonymous: y don't u tell us how old r u ?

cuz who cares

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im going through old posts on my other blog and i found a post where i was like ‘i only have 2 pairs of jeans’

im harry styles

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Anonymous: I was wondering if you had your sharpen possibly in an action? Your sharpening settings are gorgeous and I tried to use your faq to sharpen but they look nearly as nice :(

yea i made it an action, like the settings in my faq are what its made of

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dobetterharry said: me and my mom were gonna go this year we booked the hotel and everything but then it became too expensive and im still sad about it

omg how much is it

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i wanna go to imats :((((((((((((((

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Anonymous: Youre a lier. Someone told me you're like 30 something

who told u im 30 something. theyre a lier

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Anonymous: How old are you? Please don't lie


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why is harry even in la doesnt he have a tour to rehearse

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